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Reader Reviews

"A gem on paper here...a true masterpiece..."  

"Accidental Target is an exciting crime mystery that can best be described as the benefits of being in the right place at the right time, for want of better words to express my thoughts. Our heroine is a quintessential female with lofty dreams, aspirations, and determination to prove herself worthy to the people in her life. She is fragile and fierce at the same time, and her refusal to back down when she thinks she is on to something is just so charming, It's like watching a cocker spaniel with a bone in its mouth.

I enjoyed analyzing the various characters in the book with their different outlooks on life. There were the quirky ones, the humorous individuals, and the downright creepy, underhanded urchins at work. There was almost no romance in this story, but with the way our heroine got into it with the men in her circle, I had the impression that there was a possible romance angle hidden within this murder mystery. The storyline was very smooth, and the author kept the suspense at a high tempo right until the end of the book. The attention to detail in terms of character development was applaudable....B. Payton Settles put a gem on paper here - a true masterpiece with an explosive mix of culture and mystery. Hopefully, this would be the beginning of a new series of crime novels.

I would recommend this book to children and youth in need of guidance and direction. School administrators would also be doing their pupils an excellent service to include this book in their reading curriculum. It's a lovely book with a relatable heroine, a plot that holds your attention to the very last page, and more than enough helping of humor to go along with it."                                                                             -  Sam Ibeh  4/4 Stars





"Totally believable, action packed...with a sense of humor..."

"Being from Northern California where Accidental Target is set, I was very familiar with the locations for the action. Being able to picture the settings and the travels of the main characters really drew me into the story and how believable it was. This is the story of doing things the way the 'good ole boys' have always done it versus using logic and deductive thinking to solve a murder. The main character Iris may seem naive, but she has had just enough experience with the hard realities of life to know that there has to be a better way to do things. For her it means taking action and bucking the old ways of back slapping and greasing palms. She won't be dismissed by sexist members of law enforcement. Adding to her story is her determination to take care of her feisty grandmother-a character who adds a lot of humor and comic relief to the story even in the most dangerous moments! This is an excellent, action packed, murder mystery that fans of the genre will love. The characters seem real and the story has a definite sense of humor about it that will give you a chuckle or two along the way..."                                          -    D. Kelly, 5/5 stars on

"Great Fun!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed mystery. Iris DeVere's adventures always include humor and emotion, often in the same paragraph. "                                                                -    Thonie Hevron  5/5 stars on
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